Kanopy x Chocotoy Collab

Kanopy x Chocotoy Collab

 Kanopy x Chocotoy Collab

Streetwear just got sweeter! Kanopy teamed up with Chocotoy for our first ever official collaboration of the year. 

Chocotoy is the brainchild of Luis Alfonso Albornoz and Karen Guevara, who are Venezuelan-based artists and creators. Whether you’re into art and illustration or not, you have probably already seen Chocotoy’s mind-blowing illustrations gracing the likes of MLB gear, Gatorade bottles, and J. Balvin and Bad Bunny’s album art, to name a few.

The graphic design studio and brand got its start when the pair were tasked with designing for an at-the-time imaginary brand

 Little did anyone know that this art project would turn into a world-renowned brand and graphic design studio of its own. 

Their inspiration stems from the Japanese art style known as kawaii. Kawaii means “pretty,” and the popping colors are definitely a sight to be seen, making pretty just one of the adjectives that can be used to describe the works. The illustrations are filled with cookies, sweets, treats, and doll-like characters. According to Albornoz, the reason for this is because they want to “make illustrations you want to eat.” 


Adorning the Kanopy x Chocotoy line are colorful characters that are bound to grab the attention of any passerby. The line features brightly hued characters and animals set amidst the backdrop of white, black, blue, and purple hoodies and tees. Excitingly, we also have Alondra Carvajal on board as our brand ambassador for Kanopy x Chocotoy. Alondra’s the type of person who always remains true to herself and is the walking definition of freedom of expression (just check out her sleeves). We couldn’t have found a more perfect fit for a collab that is all about expressing one’s own playful and fun-filled character. Check out how Alondra Carvajal rocks the look. 

Kanopy x Chocotoy is a way to wear your childlike wonder and playfulness on your sleeve, literally. Satiate your desires by taking a bite out of the collection here.


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