Kanopy Miami x Bravest Studios

Kanopy Miami x Bravest Studios

Kanopy Miami, the go-to streetwear shop, obtained exclusive rights to sell Bravest Studios gear in their stores. This is on-brand for Kanopy Miami, who has put out incredible exclusive sneakers, art, and other unique drops in the past. Exclusive rights mean Kanopy Miami will be the only retail store in the whole country where you can pick up the rare shorts. Miami meets New York in this collab between two of the fastest-growing fashion powerhouses.

Bravest Studios is an emerging streetwear company best known for its high-end shorts, which feature prints from luxury fashion brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. While new to the fashion scene, the lifestyle brand is quickly becoming a household name and generated a loyal fan base seemingly overnight.

The shorts company has its own website where you can check out its shorts, tops, and awesome accessories. Unfortunately, all of the shorts are sold out, so you won’t be able to order those online. Thankfully, Kanopy Miami has you covered, and you’ll be able to check out the rest of their awesome gear while you’re there.


Druski has partnered with Bravest Studios to show off their swag. Druski is an American comedian that has previously collabed with famous musicians like Drake, Jack Harlow, Bow Wow, and many more. Druski is known for pushing boundaries in comedy and even started a parody record label. Druski can be seen sporting the designer mesh shorts all over social media. He is a huge fan of them, and it is likely we will see many other celebrities rocking the new shorts as well. Druski has made it known that he believes in the brand, and these are the only pairs of shorts you’ll see him in now.

Kanopy Miami

Without a doubt, Kanopy is the best streetwear store in Miami. They stock the newest and trendiest fashions at all times and carry the best brands. Kanopy Miami is guaranteed to offer what you're searching for, whether you're looking for a fresh pair of sneakers or an entire outfit.

Kanopy, founded in Miami back in 2018 by Mike Massa, focuses on providing its customers with the most distinctive and highly sought-after clothing and footwear available. Their vision was to unite streetwear and high fashion into one perfect shop. Kanopy keeps all of the world’s top brands under one roof in their high-end store. Kanopy works with several established brands and artists to put out exclusive collaborations all the time.

Their latest collab with Bravest could be their hottest drop yet. With the shorts already proven to sell fast, a partnership with Kanopy is sure to see them fly off the shelves. If you are interested in this exclusive fashion drop, don’t wait or you’ll be too late. Supplies will not last long. Kanopy never has fashion drops that don’t sell out quickly.

Kanopy Miami loves being creative and bringing out the creativity in others. The lifestyle brand strives to let its fans be themselves, be original, and be different. It is all about finding what you love to bring out your original, true self. Kanopy loves bringing products to their stores that let people bring out their creativity and show off their sense of fashion.



The exclusive Bravest Studios designer shorts typically retail for around $165-$200. That price range might seem steep, but for a luxury brand of this quality, that is actually quite a deal. Similar quality luxury shorts brands often go for $400-$500 with no added benefit or even exclusivity over these shorts. Compared to Eric Emmanuel or Amiri shorts, Bravest Studios holds up well.

If there is one downside to the company, it is that their clothing sells out much too quickly. In fact, if you are reading this blog post over a week after it was published, you are likely too late to get in on the exclusive drop. These outstanding shorts fly off the shelves too quickly for anyone who wasn't paying attention to them. Kanopy Miami is the only store in the United States that offers Bravest Studios shorts.


Other Collabs

Kanopy has partnered with well-known celebs such as Aggy Abby Rich, who is known as a queen of Instagram. Rich has a clothing brand of her own and has utilized Kanopy for exclusive drops. Kanopy has had exclusive drops with jewelry brands like Franky Diamonds and even sneaker exclusives with Yeezy.

One unique thing about Kanopy is that they don’t only work with massive names/brands like Yeezy and Druski. Kanopy likes to give back to the community by supporting local artists and rappers. Kanopy likes to help give them a platform to both show their work and get exclusive brand deals with them.



Kanopy Miami is aware that its clients are the heart and soul of its company. In order to better serve its clients' different demands, Kanopy Miami is always tweaking and improving its already loaded offerings. To ensure that their goods and services are of the highest caliber, they innovate continually. They will never stop and never settle.

Kanopy is determined to make sure every customer feels appreciated and heard. The company is dedicated to the highest level of customer service, making certain that no comment or issue goes unnoticed. Their customers mean the world to them, and no one is just another number.



Kanopy even started their own denim line called Kanopy Denim to better serve the needs of their customers. Much of the Kanopy denim has a cool, rugged look about it, but Kanopy Denim comes in a wide range of sizes and styles. They have their own brand of shorts and other apparel items as well. Additionally, Kanopy carries brands such as Chrome Hearts, Palm Angels, Casablanca, Ksubi, Carhartt. Amiri, Rhude, and many more. Kanopy offers over 150 brands to choose from.

Kanopy is a fantastic location to purchase Miami streetwear and the ONLY place to buy Bravest Studios shorts. The shorts are premium-quality mesh shorts with an adjustable waistband for a snug fit. There is also a drawstring cord for tightening in case you’re being active in these shorts and many of them have unparalleled graphic images throughout the designs. They come in various sizes to fit a wide variety of men. Shorts are available in the following sizes: X-Small (26-28 inch), Small (28-30 inch), Medium (30-32 inch), Large (32-34 inch), X-Large (34-36 inch), and XX-Large (36-38 inch).

The shorts are designed to hit right above the knee, fit loose yet snug around the waist, and comfortably sit securely. The shorts will fly off the shelves quickly, so make sure you come early to get what you need.

Kanopy store has an incredible selection of clothes and accessories at unbelievable pricing. You can be confident that you're getting a great deal for your money because the clothes are of the highest caliber. It's the ideal location to browse for new apparel because of its wide variety and fair prices. Kanopy is always dropping new exclusives, so make sure to follow their socials and keep checking their site for the new drops! Or just head over to Kanopy Miami today at 17008 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, and see the new pieces they have in stock. If you don’t feel like leaving your house, shopping at Kanopy is easier than ever with their online store at www.kanopy.store. Questions? Give us a call at 786-675-8320 and the passionate Kanopy team will be happy to help with whatever you need.

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